No, I have not cycled to Berlin yet. I´m in Berlin at the time of writing this but I flew in. I´m on my way to my best friends wedding, he is all grown up. I´m meeting up with a friend who drove from Stockholm and we are going road tripping down to Slovenia. On the 25th my good friends Michelle and Fredrik is saying yes to each other. They have found a beautiful place in Slovenia cloose to were the groms father grow up.   

This will be the last wedding for this year, or will some one pull of a shootgun wedding the following days? When I´m done blogging I will make the final touches for my best man speech which I´ll probebly do 10-15 times before I will be happy.    


Great news, I finaley handed in my computre and walked out from work for the last time. As it turns out I have been there for 9 years 11 months and 21 days, yep that’s right, 10 days short of 10 years. 10 YEARS. It was time to leave. My dear colleagues throw me a farewell party which was realy nice, I got cake. Yay!!!  

Das ist alles für heute Abend