About Kristian

Kristian Halfwordson is a 33-year-old project manager at an insurance company from Stockholm who decided to realize his dream – to ride a bike around the world in two years whilst at the same time raise funds for dementia research.

“I had a job that did not give much joy. I felt stuck in a bureaucratic and formal organization. Like many of us I had a dream. The dream that I was thinking about while waiting for a bus or running to catch the metro. My dream is to take myself around the globe on a bicycle.

I had been following Fredrika Ek (The Bike Ramble) on Instagram as she crossed the planet on her bike. Soon after returning, Fredrika started lecturing about her journey and the stories were paintings of what I dreamed of, endless scenery, surprising meetings and valuable experiences. Despite descriptions of tough experiences, it was not possible to lose sight of Fredrika’s had experienced something worth every (long) hill climb in the headwinds and each flat tire in monsoon rains.

On Sunday April 15th, 2018 I decided that I am going to make my dream a reality. The next day, I handed in my resignation. I did my last day as an insurance company employee on August 22nd, 2018.

A more detailed focus came to take up my time during the evenings and throughout the weekends it was all about winds, weather, visas, vaccinations, route selection and many other odd details. I did my research and slowly but surely a route began to form in my mind.”

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