The Route

I will take on the challenge of completing over 40.000 kilometres around the world on a bike. The overwhelming majority of nights are going to be spent in a one-man tent (except the places where the law or weather don’t allow it). There will be no companion car or other assistance during the trip – I’ll have only myself to answer to. However, if your organisation or you yourself would like to host a fundraising event, a meeting or just simply to provide a place to spend a night or offer me a homecooked meal somewhere on my route, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Intended route

I have divided the route into six parts. The route is currently more detailed for the first half of the year than later on along the journey. The challenge with the planning stage, is to try to keep an order that makes it reasonably adequate in terms climate and season for cycling. For example, in the Pamir Mountains, there can be great seasonal variations and during parts of the year it is impossible to get through. It is likely that I will have to stay a month or two in Iran awaiting spring on the peaks, if I am to get over these treacherous passages at all.

Below is what the intended route looks like today but it may change depending on everything from weather, wind and societal unrest to even just because I feel like it.

USA (2018-09-14) - (2018-12-14)

The journey begins with a ride I had dreamed of for many years – crossing the US from coast to coast, Los Angeles to New York. Mainly I will be on the southern tier due to the weather. My visa only allows me 3 months in the US but hopefully there will be time to pedal up the east coast through Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and finally New York. Three months and 18 states is the goal.

Europe and Central Asia (2018-12-15) - (2019-07-05)

In Europe, I start in Lisbon in southern Europe and bike towards Turkey. From Istanbul, I follow the Black Sea coast towards Iran. Once there, I’m cycling along the Caspian Sea in the north of the country.

After almost two months in Iran, Central Asia and the Pamir Mountains the Stan’s (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan) are waiting for me. The Pamir Mountains offer rises of just over 4.000 meters but also a landscape which few places on the earth can compete with. The Pamir Mountains and the western part of the Tibetan high plateau will be the greatest challenge physically on this leg of the journey.

Asia (2019-07-06) - (2019-10-03)

With continued cycling on the Tibetan high plateau I wil arrive to the border of China where, once across it, I will have to cycle through desert areas and the temperatures that can peak at up to 50 degrees Celsius. It will be my everyday life for about 1-2 months. Taklimakan and the Gobi Desert, according to their reputation, offer the best roads and hopefully the winds are in the right direction. Later, I will continue south, down to Laos, Thailand and Malaysia. From Singapore, I will get a quick flight to Cairns, Australia.

Australia and New Zealand (2019-11-23) - (2020-02-28)

I will be biking along Australia’s east coast from Cairns in northern Australia to Sydney. After that, I will make my way to Auckland, New Zealand and cycle through both islands from north to south, to Dunedin.

South America and Africa (2020-03-01) - (2020-06-18)

Starting in Tierra del Fuego in southernmost South America, I will get up to Colombia cycling through Patagonia which extends almost all the way up to Santiago de Chile. By making a detour through Bolivia, I will reach Peru – one of the places on my bucket list.

The next continent will be Africa. Western Sahara and Morocco which all suggests high temperatures and desert cycling as well as my 6th continent on the journey.

Europe (2020-07-01) - (2020-09-01)

The journey home through Europe will begin approximately 17 months after I last touched European soil. The last stretch from Lisbon to Stockholm is just over 3 500 kilometres. In bike touring circuits, it is a feather in your cap to do the equivalent of the equator in distance while you’re around the world bike tour. If I find myself in a shortage of kilometres somewhere close to Sweden I will go via Great Britain and Norway to make sure I hit that 40 000 km milestone. Obviously!