for a dementia research

My trip has the ambition and goal to raise funds for dementia and Alzheimer research which is currently heavily underfunded in relation to its social costs and impact for millions of elderly people and their families around the world. I collaborate with Dementia Forum the Swedish Alzheimer Foundation and their respective partners to collect funds for research and, also to raise awareness about dementia diseases. My goal is to raise 50 000 EUR (approx. 57 000 USD).

Global challenge of dementia and Alzheimer

Dementia is one of the toughest challenges today. More than 47 million people are affected by dementia, a syndrome caused by physical changes in the brain that severely affects memory and other mental abilities. This number is expected to double by 2030 and reach beyond 130 million people by 2050. Unfortunately, there is still no cure or disease modifying medication. Furthermore, by the year 2050, the number of people affected is estimated to have tripled.

Dementia not only affects those with the cognitive impairment, their families and caregivers, but also has a huge economic impact. The estimated yearly cost of dementia is US $818 billion, a figure that increases every day. This represents more than 1% of global GDP.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to find a way to prevent, stop or cure dementia. Every donation helps make this possible.

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