I´m Kristian and this is my blog about a two-year round the world bicycle tour.

It began as a dream a few years ago, but at the time as a vision to complete a bike tour for a longer period of time, it then escalated quickly. Maybe crossing the US is cool to begin with, but then what about South America, China, the Middle East and not to forget: Europe. As time went on I realized that it is actually possible to do all of the above, it was just going to take a bit more time…

After months of research and self-doubt I finally made up my mind and decided to hand in my letter of resignation – which I did, on May 16th this year – and the adventure was on. SCARY!

I soon partnered up with Alzheimerfonden and Swedish Care International so we could do something great during my two years on the road; raise awareness about dementia and to raise money for Alzheimerfonden.

So, who am I? 

33 years old, born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. I have a background, in the very boring world of insurance and as you can see I’m in no way an adventurer, but I will do my best to make it around the world regardless.

My father taught me to ride the bike at the age of 4-5 (ish), since then I pedaled almost every day until the start of junior high in 1998. With few exceptions I didn’t ride again until my sisters, forcefully, invited me to join them on a bike ride to Paris, France from our summerhouse in the south of Sweden. After that, I guess I was hooked. So, mom, in a way it’s all Josefine and Charlottas fault I´m doing this thing.

I´m also not a blogger – well I guess I am now – and this is truly what scares me the most about my trip, blogging. At this point I know about as much as you do about what I will write, but hopefully I will meet tons of extraordinary people see extraordinary places and of course I will talk about dementia and the need for more awareness and research about it.