Today was a hard one. We hade the alarm clock go of at 04:00 but because of our unorganized nature we didn’t hit the road until 05:00.

First 4 hours were fine and we managed to go close to 70 k despite some moderate incline, that meant half way. We kept going and just after 10:00 the heat had caught up with us, 43 C was the highest of the day.

Water supplies were getting low so we took a chance an went in to, what seemed like, a deserted farm and as luck would have it we got ice water and a place to rest in the shadow for a hour ore two (I dozed off so I’m not sure).

As I woke up the wind had picked up so for the last 30 k we had great tailwind.

Bike and gear wights in at ca 40 kilo and paddling that thing 140 k in 40 degrees is not a breeze, but it was fun and around 08:00 we were greeted with a beautiful sun rise.

Tomorrow will be cool, guess what……. New state. Yes entering Arizona.