Surprise Arizona to the capital of Arizona Phoenix, which means that Step 1 in America is done. The day turned out to be a little more exciting than it needed to be.

Just 5k from the hotel I looked down at the bicycle computer to make sure I went to the right place. The direction was correct and very little was between me and the hotel until I raised my look a saw, a very big black car no more than 30 centimeters in front of me, I came to a quick and equally painful stop.

I picked up myself and my bike from the ground to just meet a super angry woman. The angry part is actually quite fair because I’m buckling on the back of her car.

She started arguing that the damage is 500 dollars and she was willing to accept cash. Unfortunally for her im not only Swedish, I´m also a former insurance man.

As I made clear I would not pay her the 500-dollar she “threatened” to call the police. (she was, by the way, amazingly fast at establishing a correct price for her to repair the car)

This is pretty much how it went down from there.

Me – Yes the authorities is always good, pleace call the police

Her – I´m not kidding, he (her son) is calling now

Me – Perfect, I´m glad we will settle this the correct way

Her – Sorry but this is going to be a legal matter

Me – But surly this is a matter for the insurance company

Then she gave me a 5 minute rant how things work in America, I´m not totally sure because I really could not think of anything else but how great this story would be for the blog. I rested comfortable that a man in bike shorts and a helmet would not strike the officer as a colossal threat.

20 minutes later a very nice police officer came by to clear stuff up.

“This is an matter for the insurance companies.” THANK YOU

The officer made us exchange information, 10 minutes later all was fine and she drove away.

Glad I was alive and not 500 dollar poorer I was ready to do my last 5 k to the hotel. Well, in order to make the dent in her car my bike frame hade to give way. And this is why I choose a steel frame bike, 20-minute walk and the best welder in all of Arizona fixed it in 45 minutes for 20 dollars. The bike has a bit of a, let us say, design change to it but it seams fine.

Yesterday we went from